05. 1978 – 86 MINEWORKER

This page is just a confirmation that I worked as a Mineworker for a few years after leaving the Royal Navy and absolutely hated every minute of it – the culture, the lifestyle, the sense of humour, the work itself and the total lack of all decent things I’d come to cherish during my Royal Navy years. During my time as a mine worker I remained in the Royal Naval Reserve from 1978-81.

I took the job because it was the only thing available at the time and I’m a proud working man who has always looked after his family, who has never claimed benefits and never been out of full time employment since 1971 (this page was updated 1 Jan 2017).

Two highlights I may have written about here would possibly have included my taking first prize at the National Mineworkers Art Competition, Olympia, Blackpool 1978 and the National Pit Strike 1984 but such is my loathing of this chapter of my life that these few paragraphs is all I ever intend to write about it.

The picture which won the National competition is still in my possession but I have no intention of publishing it. I refused to sell it because I never want publicly reminding that I ever had a connection with the industry.

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