Music, the international language

I’ve been fortunate in life to travel to many countries around the world and I love learning about new cultures and traditions. When I’m home in the UK my favourite television programmes tend to be those filmed abroad, particularly in places I haven’t been to.

As a traveller I think it’s good manners to learn a few words of the local language although understandably there’s never enough time to develop the skills to a level considered conversational. What I have found through the years, though, is that music is always the link; the common denominator that becomes the international language.

One very fond memory I have is walking around a market in the Gambia when I spotted a man selling drums. I went over to his stall, picked up a drum and began a rendition of Bob Marley’s No woman no cry. Within seconds the whole place erupted. Women were dancing and clapping and men were chanting and the kids smiled broadly in wonder at the weird Englishman belting out a reggae anthem. It didn’t matter that we all spoke a different language.



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