India my India

It’s never easy living in two countries but as many of my regular readers know I spend time in both UK and India. This snap was taken outside my house Bananaville and I love to look at it when I’m in UK especially when the weather is cold and wet. It brightens my spirit.

I think what the picture reminds me of is the basic difficulty of having a soul in two countries; when you are in one you miss the other. I remember living in Gibraltar for a couple of years and craving the fresh milk of England. Years previously I spent a long time in the Far East and missed the green grass of home.

Whenever I fly into Mumbai there’s an odd feeling of recognition as I look out of the window and see the blue tarpaulins of slum city; I get really excited at the thought of seeing old friends. Same same when I fly into Heathrow and see parliament and the London Eye, my family and friends are just a drive away. It’s quite a privilege having the world as my back yard.



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