Stuart Wilson

Sadly back in April I lost my sister to a very aggressive cancer, it was all over in a few weeks. She like me had had a difficult start in life and as adults we both became dependent on alcohol. At 40 I stopped drinking following major surgery but my sister remained dependent. As a consequence her life hadn’t been easy.

About twelve years ago she met a man who was to become the love of her life and although drinking featured in their lives they were very close and had a relationship full of love. When my sister died he was devastated and could barely cope with waking up in the mornings. He’d call me several times a day regardless of the time partly I think because in talking to me he felt some closeness to my sister. Of my three sisters Kerrie was the closest to me mentally and I can’t deny feeling a dreadful loss when she died. I was in India at the time she passed away and felt quite helpless and gutted.

At the funeral Stuart was almost manic with pain and told me that he and Kerrie had made a pact. Sadly yesterday I had a call from my niece Mia who told me they had found Stuart dead in his house although no other details are available yet.

I write this post as a tribute to a wonderful man, Stuart Wilson, who gave my sister twelve happy years at the end of her life. I know things weren’t easy for him either but it didn’t stop him loving and caring unconditionally for Kerrie and that alone gives me so much peace. Thank you Stuart.



5 thoughts on “Stuart Wilson

  1. Thank you for sharing Stuart with us. By doing so u have immortalized him and your sister. What a tribute for a blessing. To the world he was just a you and your family he was such a blessing. Don’t you love the package a blessing can be sent in be it a sister brother in law or a bear. Wishing you love. Sara Jane


    • Thanku Sara Jane for your kind comment. Stuart was an immense relief to me in looking after my Kerrie and loving her so. It has been a dreadfully sad shock to learn of his passing.

      Kerrie had had an extremely hard life and when she found Stuart it brought me great joy, they were so blissfully happy in their world.

      On 26th I am taking my Kerrie’s ashes home to our native Stonehaugh, near Newcastle on Tyne to finally lay her to rest. It’s the only place we ever lived together as sister and brother before going into care and so is a very special place.


  2. Thank you for my Compassionate Communicator Award. Although I don’t write to receive awards I’m happy that this post has been read and appreciated by you. Love Alan x


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