My bear Angus

As we all go through life we find ourselves having to cope with trauma, loss or painful situations and I guess we all find our own way of getting through. In my case I have often found comfort in painting or writing songs and I’ve been so blessed at being graced with the skills to do so.

Like many creative people, however, I do have blocks when I just cannot create something to ease my thoughts and find these times to be my darkest.

Some years ago in a conversation with my wife I happened to mention that as a child in the kids homes I had always yearned for a bear and never had one. The following Christmas I unwrapped a small parcel and out came Angus. I was thrilled. And as a man of 57 I feel no shame whatsoever in saying I still absolutely treasure him and at times when I’m down I just have to look at him to start feeling better.

Angus has been all over the world with me and will continue to go wherever I go; the idea of him not being where I am is unthinkable.

I’ve lost many loved ones in my life as my autobiography details, sometimes in dreadfully tragic circumstances; sadly I imagine I will feel loss again in the future as many of us will. Thankfully I will never have to feel the loss of losing my little inanimate friend.


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