My little Geordies

Spending time with my grandchildren is so important to me that everything else tends to take a backseat. It’s quite rare I get to see my little Geordies because I live 200 miles away from them and so we have to bang in as much as possible.

Coming from an urban area, and a disadvantaged one at that, they absolutely love walking in the fields taking Mowgli for a walk and seeing the cows. Shunting up the apple trees is also a favourite. Since they arrived yesterday we’ve done all that and I’ll put some photos on my Little People page but we’ve also hit the Bowling Alley and the Kentucky Fried Chicken. Somehow I’m fitting in shifts at work at the same time and so it’s a tiring weekend for me. I’m on shift 2-10pm and a bit annoyed about that but still I have to treasure the time I get with the kids.

Consequently I’ve got to go for now; two little people will be wanting cereals very soon x Later….


3 thoughts on “My little Geordies

  1. Ive said all along you have beautiful grandchildren..but a picture is worth a 1000 words. I have two grandchildren that we’ve just found! They were adopted at ages 4 & 5. So now this weekend you get to spend time Tracey & Mia, I’ll be reconnecting with teens taller than me!


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