5 thoughts on “Quality time

    • Thanku Jane and its nice to smile again, although I do tend to be more so when in the North East. Sorry I didn’t get chance to arrange a meet up it was a flier for me to take Kerrie’s ashes to Stonehaugh. Hope you are well and life is good for you x Alan x


      • Please don’t apologise. I’ve not been in touch myself recently after a pretty rotten summer that saw me off work for 4 months but all good now. Take care, J


        • Sorry to hear that Jane, and I’m glad things are a little better now for you. I think 2012 has been quite a rotten year for so many people, bring on the New Year. Thanks for staying in touch x x Alan


    • Hi Jane. Sorry looking back at a few older comments I noticed some had escaped my reply. Is there something you know about Charlie that I don’t? Would love any extra info you may have.
      Your photo on here is very small so I cant see if you look like Aunty Joan; can I have a bigger one please? Jai Ho (love life and smile) xx


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