You can take the Boy out of Geordieland but not Geordie out of the Boy

Just back from my whirlwind trip to my homeland full of all sorts of emotions. I think pride in my roots is probably the most overpowering thing I feel. I absolutely love Northumberland and its beauty; I even love the bleakness of my village Stonehaugh.

To Parker (who now lives in my childhood home) I did knock on the door to say hello but sadly you weren’t home. But I did check out your new social club which must be a real plus for the little community. Had I come on a Sunday I would certainly have taken advantage of the breakfast on sale at £5 but it wasn’t to be.

I’m uploading more photos on my page ‘2012 Geordieland’ but it may take me a while. Those who are interested may have to check back from time to time; I took time out at Hadrian’s wall and the Angel of the North. Hope it’s not as long before I return x x


My childhood home is the third chimney from the left.

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