To Rock or to Roll?

Is there an age when a guy shouldn’t go out performing? An old friend has asked me to reform our band and perform again. Is it just for the youngsters these days or do the Wrinklies still pull the crowds? Comments on this one are very welcome.


5 thoughts on “To Rock or to Roll?

  1. Of course you will !! I’m only sad that I will not be able to hear you from 300 miles away ;( and I’m not all that wrinkly yet 😉 People love to hear good music played by people that love it. Keep rocking Alan 😉 xx


  2. Bring on the wrinkles…just b prepared for groupies with wrinkles as well! LOL…people like good music…age is irrevalent. 😎


  3. I’d love to see The Rolling Stones, Leonard Cohen and some other older musicians. It’s all about the music, unless you’re a Justin Bieber fan, in which case you’re tone deaf.


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