We lined up on Fridays and smiled at them all…

Today I’ve been on an advanced child development course and I must admit I was a little nervous about it. I had a feeling that I might find some of the subject matter a little difficult to study and I was right to feel nervous as some of the modules naturally related to abusive situations and therefore pressed a few buttons.

But whilst I found some of the discussion material quite heartbreaking I felt very comforted that I was able to take part and that my own pains were far enough in the past for me use my experiences (anonymously) positively. Driving home I felt blessed that life’s road has brought me into a profession where I am able to give children and young people the warmth and support I craved as a child myself; putting smiles on the faces of little people is very cathartic.

The painting is ‘Early Days’ from my exhibition Journey’s End 1995 and shows me lining up on a Friday with other children in the ‘home’ as prospective foster parents window-shopped for a child to take home. It forms part of my autobiography Manboy Geordie here on my website.


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