Therapeutic Music

I’ve been a musician for donkeys years really and worked in some fabulous places; with a smile I should add that I’ve been kicked out of some of the best dives too.

But it’s always been my ambition to use my knowledge and skills positively hopefully in a therapeutic area, perhaps in supporting young people through difficult or anxious times in their lives. I think where that thought stems from goes back to one of my many visits to Africa.

I was in a village in the Gambia and had stopped in the market place to admire a craftsman making a kora (their traditional stringed instrument). To his side were a collection of drums which he had also made and I couldn’t resist picking one up and having a go on it. Cracking out the Marley anthem ‘No woman no cry’ it was no more than a minute before the whole place erupted in song, clapping to the beat so loudly that it almost invited the dead to join in.

Although my Gambia experience was about 15 years ago I’ve never forgotten the lesson I learned that day, how the power of music can uplift and unite, and take people to a better place even for a short time.

To get to the point I’m dancing today because (in line with my adult education) I’m booked on my first therapeutic music course. May 20th can’t come quick enough :):)


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