My beautiful Grand daughter Bubbles was attacked by a 16 year old boy

My beautiful grand daughter Bubbles was attacked by a drunken 16 year old outside a bar in Newcastle last night. The creep threw her to the floor by her throat and kicked her in the ribs.

Fortunately other than shock she is fine and the person was arrested and charged. It’s a sick society we live in now and particularly so for women. Where has respect for the fairer sex gone?

You could argue that because of the lack of employment prospects for young people or the fact that they may have come from an unstable home contributes to the anger they feel inside which leads them to committing such awful acts as beating up vulnerable women. But frankly I don’t give a shit about that. Some of us have dragged ourselves up all of our lives with virtually everything going against us and haven’t sunk to those depths. And if I could get my hands on the little bastard who beat up my grand daughter they would have to jail me afterwards for what I had done.


2 thoughts on “My beautiful Grand daughter Bubbles was attacked by a 16 year old boy

  1. Alan, so sorry to read about this horrific attack and I hope your grand daughter is much recovered. It’s not just angry young men in Newcastle – in December I was threatened by an older man on the metro travelling home from work at 4pm. I was sitting reading on a very busy train when he got on and started screaming abuse in my face, threw me out of my seat and then continued to swear and scream at me for 15 mins til he got off. The train was packed and there was nowhere else to go, so I just had to stand there and take the abuse. All of the middle class smart ‘gents’ around me put their headphones in and turned away. The only person who asked me if I was ok was a fellow woman. Not in the league of your GD, but this is only 1 of 3 times I’ve been threatened in public by angry men recently. This is a very angry world we live in šŸ˜¦


    • Thank you for your care (breaking the angel) I very much appreciate it. The whole episode has sickened me in a way I’ve never felt so sickened. My grand daughter and I are very closely bonded and when told of the attack I felt as though I had been stabbed with a hot poker. I’m seeing her tomorrow, she is coming to stay for a few days and We both really need that. From what I know she is physically ok I’m just hoping her confidence hasn’t been damaged and affected her beautiful outgoing personality.

      I’m so sorry to hear you too have suffered at the hands of aggressive males I can barely imagine how vulnerable and frightened you must have felt. Hopefully you know that all males are not like that; the idea that as a gender we are seen as aggressive by women gives me nightmares. I have an absolute loathing of anyone dominating anyone else, I can’t even bear to think of it in the animal kingdom even though I know that is how it has to be.

      It’s kind of you to comment x hopefully over the next few days I’ll be able to post some good news and fresh photographs that will lift all our spirits. Bless you. Love Alan x


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