Men who beat women

Forgive me but I’m still seething about recent events.

I’ve been married to my lady Ms.Grace for 37 years and anyone who has been married that long will know that a marriage doesn’t survive without a few stand up nose-to-nose screaming matches. Rows about money, the kids, the future, the past are all commonplace and natural. And as you both grow older together your needs, wants and preferences change so much that you are certainly not the same people who walked down the aisle together. Sadly for some the changes are too much and the marriage fails; and I have a lot of sympathy and understanding for folks in that situation.

To argue, as far as I’m concerned, is healthy and perfectly normal but that is where the line is drawn. When physical aggression comes into it then that’s a whole new ball game, particularly when it is a male hitting a female. Don’t get me wrong I’m no women’s lib or girl power supporter; nine times out of ten (to me) that’s just table turning. And as a hard nosed Geordie Boy I’m not the most chivalrous bloke either. But there’s something very vulgar about a male using his physical strength to dominate a female. I have no concept of what goes through a mans head when he looks into the eyes of a female he has just hit, kicked, punched or beaten up. If, (as a married man with three daughters, three sisters and six grand daughters) I had raised my hand to one of my family I don’t think I’d even be able to look at myself in the mirror let alone into her eyes.

It’s very tempting to use swear words to express the disgust I feel for the boy who beat up my grand daughter, even though doing so would make this essay far easier to write. But I won’t; I’ll just think those. But I hope that the fairer sex of our world don’t see males like that as the norm because most men feel exactly the same way that I do that being violent towards women is shameful.

I hope this little blog gets a few ‘likes’ from the male community out there as a show of support and encouragement to all women who suffer or have suffered violence at the hands of a male.

2 thoughts on “Men who beat women

  1. As a woman (and human being with a soul) I obviously utterly agree with every idea you express here. I also find it refreshing to hear a man discuss this issue because it is easy for women to tar men with the same brush. I hope your granddaughter is well- hopefully we can all rely on karma to do it’s bit with regards to the man who inflicted pain on her. x


    • Thank you ‘knowledgecomesbutwisdomlingers’. I had a real need to see Bubbles, to hug her and to check her out emotionally. She knew that and she knew I would know the minute I clapped eyes on her such is our bond.

      Physically she is still sore in places but I’m delighted to say that I don’t think there is any lasting mental damage. Her lovely confident nature is still shining out of her and her smile as always lights up my life. I’m very proud of her resilience.

      As a Buddhist I have every faith in karma and in this case, though I wouldn’t normally wish bad things on anyone, I will be in court to see it in action. I guess even thinking that has messed up my chances of enlightenment in this life but I can wait. She’s worth it. X Alan X


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