So upset seeing pictures on the news of the elephant family that was massacred for their tusks. I don’t want to put pictures of that on here because I found them so distressing to look at.
Elephants are one of the most beautiful, gentle creatures and poachers in Kenya are killing them at a brake neck rate just to sell the ivory to china.

If YOU are from either Kenya or China I hope you are in a position to voice your disgust at this awful practice and do so. To China I would say that in this technological world we live in I am certain there are alternative medicines for whatever your ailments are; unless of course your condition is one-up-manship and you are out to impress. If the latter is the case you don’t impress me, you’re just sick and cruel – and there’s nothing big or impressive about that.



    • Amy it makes me sick to my stomach. I’ve been among elephants and they are truly among the most beautiful, gentle and magnificent creatures we are privileged to share this planet with. What these poachers do is abhorrent to all decent thinking people and seeing images of what they did makes me ashamed to be human. And the reason they do it is puerile; the Chinese think that medicines made from elephant tusks will cure all ails. I’m heart broken even thinking about the whole sad affair. Bless you for your comment poppet. X


      • I understand where you are coming from completely! The destruction of such magnificent animals is heartbreaking! I hope I’m lucky enough one day to meet such a fine creature. I’m studying about complementary medicines this week actually I think I’m going to ask my lecturer for more info about Chinese medicine; because to me and I imagine many more it seems so barbaric and unjust to harm an animal in the hope of ‘curing’ an ailment. Change your diet, exercise, do therapy just top killing innocent animals!


        • Well said Amy x And if you learn something about these Chinese medicines in your studies I’d appreciate an update.

          It’s not rocket science to know that life is sacred, unfortunately some trade that virtue in for greed seemingly oblivious of karma.

          Life is quite short really (I’m 58 this year) and trust me it goes past quite quickly; and I wouldn’t like to meet my Maker with something like that on my conscience x


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