Thank you Pete Seeger

I had to make a very worthy (extra) comment today.

Just lately I’ve become increasingly depressed at the state of the world. I have most of the world news relayed to me via Twitter @AlanDDixon and most of what I read isn’t just negative it’s cruel. The wars in Afganistan, Mali and Northern Ireland, the pitiful sights in Somalia and the constant gang raping in India all just leave me numb.

I had a thought that I might write a Song of Peace and asked my Twitter followers to contribute one line. They responded really well and Several verses are starting to take shape.

But one particular line came in from the folk singer Pete Seeger after I tweeted him and asked if he would like to join in. He gave me the lines ‘God’s counting on me God’s counting on you’ from his own song of the same title and sent me a link of him singing the song on a boat in America. The video is brilliant and you can view it on my Twitter account. It shows the great man still at the top of his game full of passion and in the midst of people of all ages. Do take a look if you can. My Twitter link is on the right of this page. You are welcome to follow me there if you want to but please do introduce yourself if you do.

And if YOU have a line you would like to donate to my Song of Peace please do comment here for me,, I’d much appreciate all the help I can get particularly from all corners of the world x Alan x

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