Adversity? No problem.

Adversity? No problem. Changing direction often along life’s road has always been staple diet for me. It’s called survival.

Last year was my Annus Horribulus and to some degree this year, so far, isn’t much different. There are still a few mountains to climb but ever the optimist I’m not phased. I can see Utopia in a pile of cow dung if the fancy takes me.

Not unlike Maslow’s theory (after a fashion) when times are really tough you don’t think about being everything for everyone, you close in and look after your own. Such a stance may appear radical to others, coming from me, because I probably come across as a big softy but I’ve always been strong when push comes to shove; it’s just that most people don’t usually see that side.

Looking forward into 2013 I’ve decided to only have two priorities. The first is to ensure my lady Ms.Grace is well and truly back on her feet and the second is to complete the first block of my OU course (the exam is in september and comes with a handsome qualification). Keeping the course on track allows me to keep my options open to take a better paid job which in turn allows Carol to perhaps go part time. Taking away everything else which is extra curricula also eases the pressure on me and allows me to focus on the needful.

I’ve put this post on my front page (rather than in my Zen Diary 2013) mainly so that my regular readers know where I’m at now – which I think is the least I can do since they’ve followed my ramblings for years. I’ve often promised that one day my memoirs (currently on pause in 1974) will catch up with my Zen Diary and I’m still committed to doing that. Thank you for following me and keeping the faith through all of the ups-and-downs in the life of an ordinary man x x Alan 🙂

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