Thank you to my readers x

Just a small thank you to my regular Spailpiners for your continued support in calling in to view my ramblings. Its probably a minor milestone compared with other websites but it’s a very welcome one for me, very uplifting, heartwarming and humbling.

Thank you all for your comments, emails and messages and even more for your faith that one day my memoirs will catch up with my Zen Diary. Love and blessings x Alan x



2 thoughts on “Thank you to my readers x

  1. CONGRATULATIONS! 8000 visitors … that’s wonderful … some of ur ramblings must be interesting..informative..funny..and heartfelt..kinda like the man huh? Continued success with all you set out to achieve! Wishing you..Carol..& Family love & happiness …x Sara x


    • Ha ha thank you Sara x when I first began writing here I was quite green, I had no idea anyone else could see it! But hey ho as time has gone on its almost as though I have a community of my own which is very special to me. Here’s to more ramblings and hopefully more readings from the faithful. Thanks for your nice comment x x Alan :):)


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