Must admit to being a little surprised that my website has been hit 153 times today and the day isn’t over yet. I never knew I was so interesting but if you’d like to enlighten me I’m all ears. If not that’s fine; I hope you enjoy visiting. Alan 🙂



3 thoughts on “153 HITS IN ONE DAY?

  1. Ur right ur either a very interesting person…or its a very slow Sunday!! LOL…I vote interesting!! Glad to hear ur feeling better…did u get to the doctors??…question…can we read all replies? …oh well…Sunshine’s on its way to you!! Keep smiling!

    • Ha ha I’d probably vote for the very slow Sunday Sara. Doctors tomorrow me thinks. My cousin had this virus for 4 weeks and needed antibiotics in the end. Don’t think I can stand another 2 weeks x x

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