My Bambino daughters

When my children were little we lived in Gibraltar and Carol used to make all of their frocks and hats. Being three bonnie little girls they always turned heads particularly those of the locals who would call out ‘Oh bambino’s’ and make a big fuss of them all. When we returned to UK, on my release from the Royal Navy, I can remember standing at a bus stop with the children and when the bus arrived three or four women would get off to help me to get the children and the buggies and all their paraphernalia onto the bus (as though as a man I couldn’t cope :). Lovely times.

Today the girls are all grown, Tracey is 40, Sam is 36 and Benita is 35 and what I’m really proud of is that they’re all still close to me. They’ve all had pain in their lives but have come through; and between them all they have blessed me with 11 grandchildren.

What I think they have all come to realise is that although they are now adults with families of their own and lives of their own they still remain my bambino’s, such is the unique relationship between a father and his daughters.

This painting is connected to my song ‘Oh mien Papa’ ( the lyrics are on my Songwriter page).


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