Sometimes I love my own company…

Having had a few days off I’ve absolutely loved having time in the garden clearing away the winter dead leaves, mowing the lawns and generally enjoying the tranquility. It’s a paradox that I spend much of my life in public (either with my art or my music or even with my daytime work with children) and yet the times I really cherish is being at home out of the way. Living where we do, miles away from anywhere, I thought I’d share a little of my paradise with you all. X





2 thoughts on “Sometimes I love my own company…

  1. Carol & you have a lovely home … very idyllic .. your hard work & perserverence has yielded another blessing… a beautiful home… filled with love & laughter… I’m happy for you.xsarax


    • Thank you Sara. And my neighbours are wonderful but then they all have four legs! We are surrounded by cow fields :):) mind you I often get more sense out of them than many of the humans I come across x


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