Passing thoughts

Like most men I don’t especially like shopping and so whenever I was out and about with my family (my wife and three daughters) they would leave me on a bench somewhere and go off for a bit of retail therapy; a few hours later they would all poll back and I would get the job of carrying all the bags back to the car, as they talked about the new frock or shoes they had just bought.

I didn’t so much mind being parked on a bench for a few hours in fact it was always a wonderful opportunity for me to engage in one of my favourite past times -people watching. Couples old and young would pass by and regardless of how much of a he-man the fella was it was always pretty clear who wore the pants in the house. That concept of the man appearing to be the boss in public whilst always deferring to his wife in private has always intrigued me often to the point of laughing out loud and having to apologise to passers-by with the excuse of ‘passing thoughts’. Better to be thought a little eccentric than to be caught howling with laughter at some big strapping fellow who is terrified of his little lady.

This little drawing from 1993 touches a little on our theme of today. When I look at it I still smile because even though it’s 20 years since I drew it nothing has changed. I could still go out today, sit on a bench and end up apologising for ‘passing thoughts’. I might just do that 🙂


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