Procrastinators are a waste of space. I think.

I have absolutely no time whatsoever for procrastinators who babble on indecisively wasting my time and boring me to death because they have nothing better to do than put their lives on pause and suck the rest of us into a paralysis from analysis syndrome.

Then again it depends on whether I like them or not. Or perhaps if I find their conversation interesting, stimulating. It could be that they don’t like me in which case I would need to think about how I was going to react; whether I would take the ‘hurt’ road and appear upset and offended or whether I went up the angry tree and gave them a mouthful. What is for sure is that I would think it all out, assuming that was the right course, and possibly even make a decision. That is I think I might think about making a decision.

But no, I’ve got no time for procrastinators.


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