4 thoughts on “Happy Bank Holiday

  1. Hi Alan – Did you get the e-mail I sent on Saturday with links to the family tree etc? I ask because I have some more stuff to send – your birth-dad’s birth record and a map of his birthplace – and I’m wondering if that method of communication is reliable. Brian


    • Hi Brian
      Yes I certainly did, and thank you so much. I did send a short email reply acknowledging – that is I think I did, the last few days have been something of a blur to me due to medical issues and appointments. I’ll check my outbox.

      I’ve saved your mail because I want to spend time looking at the various links and information before I upload them as an appendix. Unfortunately over the weekend that hasn’t been possible because I’ve been diverted to look at issues to do with work/health as my doctor has written me off for a few weeks; having time on my hands is rare but hopefully I can check things out while I’m off.

      To reassure you, yes my email address is a good one to send things to and thank you so much for all you do Brian. Warm regard Alan


      • So sorry to hear of your health problems – hope everything is quickly resolved. Glad you got the e-mail – I’ll send the additional material later tonight as I’m going to a talk at the local library (on Victorician prudery of all things). Brian


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