Connecting with my late grandmother Hannah x


While in the North East I took time out with my nieces Mia and Elisha to visit my grandmothers house in South Sherburn, Rowlands Gill. Standing out side the house brought back powerful memories of childhood; it was the contact place where the social workers would take me to on days out from the children’s home to see members of my family.

For a brief moment I wore my grandmother Hannah’s wedding ring (on my little finger) as a way of connecting with her and afterwards asked Mia to keep it and pass it down through the female line of our family beginning with Elisha.

It’s sometimes hard to say why I have a need to do these things; sometimes I don’t need to know or want to. Perhaps as a displaced child I want my family to know that I don’t blame them for circumstances which they couldn’t avoid and if (for whatever reason) they were at fault then I forgive them.


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