The kindness of strangers

I had a request from Marie in Canada asking if we could help locate her birth parents. Within hours my good friend (and reader) Brian Pears jumped in to help and a precis of the discussion is printed below. The full conversation can be seen in the comments section of my ‘1955’ page. If YOU can help Marie with any additional information please comment. In the meantime (as always) my sincere thanks go to Brian – not just for the information he has passed on but also for the speed at which he did it.

marie says:

24/07/2013 at 12:35 pm

I am trying to find my birth mother. I was born at Dilston hall in 1965. Her address was Hallington Drive in South West Denton, Newborn, Newcastle. I am now in Canada so any help would be appreciated. I cannot locate this address anymore. My mothers name was Kathleen Mary Burns and her address on my birth certificate was 20 Hallington Drive, South West Denton, Newburn, Newcastle. My birth name was Janice Ann Burns born at Dilston Hall. . That is about all I know at this point.

Brian Pears says:

Hi Marie – It might not be the same person, but there was a Kathleen M Burns married a Clinton M Backhouse at Newcastle in 1976. As of 5 years ago Clinton and Kathleen were living in Carlisle, but I don’t have the exact

What a wonderful thing this internet is.

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