Time with an old friend

The past few days seem to have passed so quickly as my old friend is now shipping out. Varun is a very successful dentist but is also into music and along with his band does a lot of work in schools on issues of bullying and so on. While children and young people tend to fall asleep when lectured the opposite happens the minute a guitar comes out. I applaud my old friend and hope to be involved in some small way way when next I’m across the pond. The photo shows me seeing Varun off at the train station as he starts his onward journey.

So apologies to all those who’s meetings I didn’t come to, appointments I didn’t attend – and my readers here for being absent with my ramblings – but for what it’s worth I’ve had a lovely few days with a very special old friend. I guess now its pay back time as I have only seven days to write my final essay 😦

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