My little boy you are always with me in my heart x x x



It’nine years ago today that my little grandson left us at the tender age of four months and though he may no longer physically be with us his place in our family is always assured. I remember the day we laid him to rest as though it was yesterday; the service, though difficult, was beautiful with everyone wearing bright colours, balloons being let go and a piece of music which I composed especially for him on the piano played in the background (a recording is here on my website if you would like to hear it).

For me to bury my grandson was the single most devastating experience I have ever had; and I know for Carol it was the same. Our lives changed irrevocably and we found ourselves revising everything we had ever believed in; burying your grandchild is not something people ever expect to do. After several years of acute grief we decided that whatever life we had left should be lived to the full and we moved to India and established a children’s charity in memory of our little.

Although Carol and I are now back in the UK Xanders Children’s Charity is still operating and supporting the little people in our Indian village of Birla and so Xander’s name lives on in the lives of so many others. For me, he never left. He’s in my heart.

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