10 thoughts on “Time with my main man…

    • Hi Brian that would have been a lovely idea. I’m hoping to be back in Saltwell Park tomorrow if my niece Mia can come over from Rowlands Gill but I can’t confirm that till later this evening.

      If that happens it will be late morning/lunchtime if youre free and you would like a cup of tea at the tea van there. It’ll probably be a brief thing (half hourish) as I’m travelling south later and have some other things to attend?


      • Yes, that would be great – if you’re coming to the park just let me know the time and location and I’ll be there.


        • Hi Brian. I’ve spoken to Mia and we can be at Saltwell Park around 1230 if that’s okay. My wife Carol and our daughter Tracey will be with us and of course Mowgli. There’s an outdoor coffee/tea area in the park where we can meet for a natter. Hope this is ok.


          • OK – I’ll be there. I’m not familiar with this outdoor coffee/tea area – can you narrow it down a little in relation to park features.


          • Hi Brian
            The park is quite extensive and probably has several entrances but the cafe area is well into the central area near the children’s play park facilities. I’ve got your mobile number and so won’t approve that comment otherwise it will go public but I will text you shortly so that you have my number also. Look forward to meeting you. Alan


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