Hush little baby don’t you cry, Daddy gonna sing you a lullabye…..

My beautiful boy has been quite poorly over the past 24 hours; he had me up all night and so neither of us got to sleep. He has had some really strange behaviour including not going up stairs or over thresholds and spent most of the time standing up in the kitchen.
Needless to say it was straight to the vet this morning because I was terrified he had dogzeimers or some other neurological problem. The vet checked him thoroughly and said it could be an inner ear infection so she has given him tablets for a week. If his symptoms persist he will have a blood test to see what the issue is. Since having his tablets he’s spent the day conked out with me under a duvet on the couch and it’s been lovely to see him so relaxed that he’s snored. I’m hoping now in a few days he starts to pick up and get back to his normal self.

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