Just editing my website hopefully for the better x


Just a note for my regular readers (and any new Spailpinners who happen my way) I’m editing the website at the moment (hopefully to make it easier for folks to trudge round) so if something isn’t where it usually is just have a closer look because it will still be there.

One change I’ve already made is to my ‘MANboy GEORDIE Memoirs of a child in care’. All four chapters are now on the same page pending close editing before publication as a stand alone. As I work through the changes I hope to do similar things with my other ‘lives’ (Royal Navy, The Pit, Social Services, India etc).

Whatever this chapter of my life is or becomes – thank you sincerely for being a part of it. Your ‘likes’ and comments inspire me every day to carry on with my diary and put in context the life of an ordinary man. After meeting up with one of my virtual readers (Hi Brian), and forging a friendship which keeps us almost in daily contact, I hope one day to meet many more. X Love Alan x

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