3 thoughts on “Exam results….

  1. That is awesome! Well done. I’m doing the K101 at the moment, aiming for a distinction. What were your overall %s if you don’t mind sharing? Was the exam difficult? I’m most nervous about that.


    • Hi Sami.

      I got a distinction and was thrilled with it although they don’t put that on your certificate, you see that on the results page which you print off and keep with the certificate. The certificate is really nice and embossed and mine came in February. Of over 1000 candidates in my year only 40 won a distinction. My Overall Examinable Score was 71% and my Overall Continuous Assessment Score was 84%

      My modules got:
      TMA01-75% TMA02-77% ICMA41-100% ICMA42-80% TMA03-84% ICMA43-100% TMA04-87% ICMA44-80% TMA05-85% ICMA45-100% TMA06-87%

      My exam was 3 hours and at Lincoln. There was three questions. I answered Goffmans Theory, the Welfare State and Good Practice/Poor practice using Sonali Gardens as good.

      Best of luck Sami I wish you well and if you need to know anything more just ask. I hope it isnt too long before you become the Alumni (as they call us) ….. Sami. CertHSC (Open) Dist. :):):)


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