Happy sixth birthday our beautiful Mowgli x x x x x x

It doesn’t seem like six years since a pathetic, abused little puppy crawled out of the Indian jungle who after already having been run over by a motorbike was very nearly ran over by a taxi. Covered in fleas and with a belly full of dirt (in the absence of food) this little man somehow found the strength to crawl across the road to us. At first we thought it has a rat who’s back end wasn’t working but as he got closer we realised it was a puppy.

Out of kindness my wife Carol picked him up and instructed me to drive to the nearest vet to have the decent thing done and but the poor fellow to sleep. After a thorough examination though the vet said there was nothing fundamentally wrong with him that some tender loving care wouldn’t cure to which she replied then we’ll keep him. Thrilled, I gave him the name Mowgli.

When our time came to leave India we flew our little cherub to UK where he had to endure six months of quarantine after which he joined us at our new home in Nottinghamshire where he has been a constant pleasure ever since. Happy birthday my beautiful soul x


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