Rehearsing for the children’s Christmas party

My days as a professional musician performing at posh hotels in exotic countries may well be over and I know the memories of those times will never leave me; there’s a few photos on my musician page. But performing for children at their Christmas party carries, for me, the same if not a greater responsibility.

Most folks who know me would probably say I come across as quite a laid back relaxed type of guy and to be fair they are right. But the reason for that is that whatever the stressy event that’s looming I always make sure of being well prepared and know that come the day it will work out. Hence here I am on a private rehearsal program at home getting ready for the children’s Christmas party constantly singing (rehearsing lyrics) in my head regardless of whether I’m driving, in a meeting or in the shower. When I’m not doing that I’m wrapped around my Tanglewood checking I’ve prepped the songs in the right keys and that the chords are firmly placed in my head.

Come the day I will, particularly for the children, be very relaxed and laid back because after so many years of going through my prep process I trust myself implicitly; more importantly I want the children to have a magical mesmerising evening.

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