A small thank you to my readers in Stonehaugh

In recent days I have had a lot of comments on my Stonehaugh page which are still coming in and which I’m slowly getting round to answering (every single one) – and I promise I will.

Stonehaugh is a little village in Northumberland where I first lived in 1955 and which I always refer to as my Hometown which I visit at least once every year. This little collection of photos was taken in 2013 on one of my pilgrimages and I’ve published it as a small thank you from me to the residents (and former residents of the village) for calling in here on my website and telling me all about life in Stonehaugh past and present.

Whether you are a regular reader of my website (or a new ‘Spailpinner’ just calling in) I hope you take the time to check out my Stonehaugh page and read the comments. When you’ve done that you might like to google Stonehaugh and have a look at some of the beautiful scenery around our little village or better still take a trip there to see the Country and Western Festival or the new Sky Viewer. Maybe….just maybe….I’ll see you there? X


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