Fifteen Thousand Hits! Thank you x

Just taking a minute out to say thank you to my readers old and new for visiting my website 15000 times. And a special thank you to all those who comment, message me, email me or give me a ‘Like’. Bless you all x Alan


2 thoughts on “Fifteen Thousand Hits! Thank you x

  1. It’s your day for congratulations!! First for your and Carols anniversary! The two of you are a wonderful couple! Second is for your 15,000 visits… whatever changes life brings you.. please keep blogging.. Thank You for sharing bits of your life.. I appreciate it truelly… congratulations!


    • Hi Sara Jane x x And thank you sincerely ….on both points. Even though I’m exhausted (though happily from work) it has been quite a day of celebration. Oddly enough it’s another marker day in that I have 500 days left to retirement. Not a bad day all round Sarah Jane x x Jai HO x Alan šŸ™‚


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