‘Feelings’ Bingo for children.

Print off eight copies preferably on card. Keep 4 cards as they are for the players – then cut the other four up and put the pieces in a bag. Pass the bag round, players take one piece out of the bag each time it comes round to them. Players demonstrate the feeling then place the piece on their card. If a player picks a piece they already have they must put it back in the bag and give the bag to the next player

Play for four corners (win a sweet) a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line (win a sweet) then a full house (win three sweets). These prizes are just examples, you may want to choose your own.

Enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚



4 thoughts on “‘Feelings’ Bingo for children.

    • That is the hope professor – particularly if it helps children to identify how they feel and are able to demonstrate it. Perhaps there’s room for a picture game for young people without speech? Fingers crossed I’m trying it out tomorrow with children.

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