A nice thought to got to sleep on….

As a working artist for the past 35 years I don’t get too excited when people ask me if they can publish my artwork; if something to the good is going to happen then Jai Ho it will and it is always nice when it does. With retirement coming ever closer I must say I’m not adversed to picking up a pencil again and honing the old skills – after all a guy has to earn a crust.

Strangely enough my last post on here was about some old artwork of mine that I had dug out and said that I was going to digitalise although my reason for that was purely personal in that I could add said work to my on-line gallery. It seems that post must have pushed someone’s button as you can see from the pasting below. Maybe the natural flow of life is that as you get older you end up back at where you started from; those who have read my biography will know what I’m talking about – the boy with the crayons?

Anyway this particular magazine based in LA USA looks like a really great opportunity for friends on the other side of the pond (and beyond) to enjoy the scribbles and splashings of an auld Geordie Boy so I’ve replied to their mail. As soon as I know anything – you will.



http://www.ArtQuenchMagazine.com likes your artwork! We would like tp publish your artwork and back story in AQM. Please contact us direct atsgates@ca.rr.com

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