A soul-less place with no connection


Today I went back to the gardens of remembrance at the crematorium to pay respects to my foster Mam Katie who passed away 40 years ago today. I’d made the trip many times before in order to see the book open with her name on the page but today was different. For some reason, maybe because it was raining I’m not sure, as I walked round the gardens I felt them to be totally soul-less and I felt no connection with my mother at all. Even looking at the book with her name in left me spiritually indifferent. I won’t go back. The fact I am sharply aware of my mothers birth date and passing date is enough for me to know she is always in my heart and I get more comfort on those days from my own reflections and private prayer.

2 thoughts on “A soul-less place with no connection

  1. Condolences on the loss of that very special lady. I know exactly how you feel about that sad place. I used to visit Mountsett Crem every year on the anniversary of either my mum or dad’s deaths, but I stopped about 3 years ago when I realised that what I wanted to remember was their lives and all the happiness they brought to me and others, and the crem was not the best place to do that. In fact we don’t need to go anywhere; we can remember them on their anniversaries and any time we choose wherever we happen to be.


    • So true Brian. I was at Mountsett last weekend for Uncle Trevor and had the same feeling. I’ve come to the conclusion I don’t like the places and won’t make return visits. I don’t like February either, I think it’s a soul-less month.


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