To Friends in Stonehaugh, Northumberland

My daughter sent me this clipping saying that sadly the Music Festival at the end of May is cancelled; does this mean the 60th Anniversary Celebrations are also cancelled? Can someone let me know please as I’m planning to attend. Thank you. Alan x


6 thoughts on “To Friends in Stonehaugh, Northumberland

  1. The event that is being refered to is the kicking the dust country music festival… Stonehaugh 60th birthday is still going ahead next week as planned (May 31st)

    • I have a dreadful feeling that it may be too short notice now as I haven’t booked leave in time because I understood things had been cancelled. In the lap of the gods…

      • Hi Alan, not to worry, I’m sure there will be plenty of pictures of the event.. one day we will meet for that beer or coffee.. šŸ™‚

        • Yes Parker we will meet up one of these fine days but meanwhile yes I look forward to seeing the photos of this years event. Warm regards Alan .

  2. I read this to mean that the music festival is cancelled because everyone is too busy organising the 60th anniversary celebrations.

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