A ‘No-Clone-Phone’. Strictly for the individual.

blue phone

I’ve always been a bit of a rogue where mobile phones are concerned and quite like the odd and usual. So much so I’ve actually got quite a collection of them to suit whatever mood I’m in. I suppose some of my thinking is around hating being seen by phone companies as the clone who must have a handset that does everything, as most smart phones do, which is only reinforced when I see people frantically trying to keep up with their many social networks as they’re walking down a street. No doubt the phone companies wring their hands in delight at the sight as their coffers fill up on second-by-second basis.

I do have a fancy smart phone on a contract but have decided this year to dump the contract when it expires and just Pay As I Go; naturally my smart phone will become part of my collection and I may dig it out from time to time. But not having a contract is quite an interesting place to be because instead of being limited to whatever the phone companies have on offer (usually all very similar looking) the Handset World opens up and the unusual is there for the choosing.

This little number is a Chinese Mobile which does everything a smart phone can do but also quite a bit more. It has a dual-sim card facility and so can take a ‘work’ sim and a ‘personal’ sim; it also has a few really useful abilities like (for example) it will automatically turn on/turn off at a programmed time. Best of all though, in my opinion, compared to what I see most people using it’s an attractive little fellow and screams personality. Clone Phone it is not – and should only be used by the most very individual of people. Cost? £22 from Amazon. Go on, you know you want to.

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