HMS SCYLLA 1972-1975

Just reflecting back on my Navy days although not sure why. HMS Scylla was one of several warships I served on during my ten year stint and she took me all over the world including a couple of war zones. At the end of her days they sunk her off the south coast of England to become a living reef for sealife which really pleased me. Fundamentally she was a major part of my life and still is in my memory; it’s great to go online from time to time and do the virtual tour to look around her. The next chapter of my autobiography will be about my life in the Royal Navy and I hope to begin publishing that this year.

4 thoughts on “HMS SCYLLA 1972-1975

  1. Hi – I found your webpage from googling about trying to find some info about a Navy ship I remember visiting at Barrow dockyard as a kid, in about 1972. It was a Leander Class frigate, which was open to the public and my Dad took me and my brother – it was fantastic to see a real warship, wander around, meet the crew etc – I left with posters, brochures, a wallchart, all sorts of freebies. I can’t imagine the Royal Navy doing this sot of thing nowadays!
    Anyway, could you confirm if it was HMS Scylla – the name seems familiar but I’m not absolutely sure.
    Thanks for any info!

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    • Hi John and thanks for your message. It was indeed the Leader Class frigate HMS Scylla and I was aboard at the time so I’m glad you had a good time and got loads of freebies. From Barrow Scylla went on to become involved in the Icelandic Cod War (73) where she was rammed by the Icelandic gunboat Aegir, following that she escorted HM Yacht Brittannia with the Queen for her holiday. Throughout all of 1974 Scylla was the leader of the 7th Frigate Squadron and led eight warships out on deployment to the Far East including Australia and New Zealand. I left Scylla in 1975 and went onto another Leader Class HMS Danae.
      John I will be writing more about HMS Scyllas adventures after I have completed my current memoir about Gibraltar where I was based 1976/77 at the base HMS Rooke. If you would like to read that memoir you’ll be very welcome and can find it either at or click on the link from this website.

      John thanks again for your message and thanks for reading. Alan


      • Hi Alan- thanks for replying, and so promptly!
        Good to know the name of the ship after all these years; as I say it was a great day out.
        I’ll check out more of your blog – it looks like you’ve had very interesting career(s)! There can’t be that many sailors who also move into being an artist, for eg.
        Thanks again. And best wishes,

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