More pix from the Aussie sticks…



So as the changes within my family continue, I’ve spent the day going back and forwards to the dump with rubbish but then come home to a few more pics of my little people Beth and Alf out there in Australia. It’s so nice to see them happy and chilled even though I’m probably on the other side of the coin (up to the neck in it).

If I’m grateful for anything these days it’s technology and that I can almost see what the kids are doing while it’s happening even though they are so far away. I guess while I’m in transit (between houses) I may not have access to wifi so I’m really glad I chose a good phone contract this year.

Anyway, with everything throbbing from the humping and carrying, it’s off to the shower for me; and then dinner with best friends this evening. Yep I can do that 🙂

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