I gave myself a good talking to….

Driving to work this morning for my first day I was quite nervous (as you are); I didn’t sleep too well last night. Friends and family had sort of said their good-luck’ s and I think I’d just about got myself into the zone where I felt ready to walk into a strange place and meet new people for the first time on a professional level. Then I got a text to say my starting day would be Wednesday.

As I read the text I was somewhere between relieved and throwing up; I dread first days but on the other hand I am someone who tackles issues head on; I’m long past the days when I shirk away from difficult issues and felt well prepared for the day.

Driving back to my little caravan on Strumble Head the sun was shining and the sea looked a stunning blue. After giving myself a good talking to I’d come to the conclusion that at least I did now have a definite starting date and so should just chill out and enjoy another couple of days grace. On top of that when I think about it I’m a very lucky guy all round so what’s the big deal? Jai Ho x

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