A new life

I think for some people retirement means the end of their working life and the beginning of a new phase to include gardening, time with the grandchildren and long awaited time to engage in their favourite leisure activities. Hopefully much of those things will be a part of my ‘retirement’ years although I’m sort of now accepting that those days are some way ahead in the future.

Yes I’ve officially retired but have chosen to take on a new role which is still as demanding as my previous one although not as emotionally stressful. And why not? I’m of the opinion that people spend years and years becoming very skilled and experienced in their chosen professions so why just stop when they get to a certain age when there is so much they can pass on to others or still offer those who would benefit?

As expected in my new role I have relevant courses and training to do and so I’m going to be quite busy for the next few months. Next week I’m in Cardiff for two days to begin training for my Facilitators licence and then back again in November for a further two days; in between the two dates are a series of essays I need to do and so that course is about three months long. Running alongside that are a couple of Open University courses so I can only hope the old brain can still cut the mustard. I’ll update my work stuff on my new Plant Dewi page as things go along.

Meanwhile the new job is going well (having cracked my first three days). Hopefully the new house will be a reality by the end of October and so I can then be a bit more organised (with all my world goods still packed life is a little difficult at the moment to say the least) not to mention (at the moment) I only have internet access for about an hour a day.

I chose my dragonfly drawing today for this post not just because I love the little creatures but also because (for me) they somehow symbolise new life.

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