If all I owned were the clothes I stood up in I’d still feel so blessed

I’ve never really been one for fancy cars probably because I missed that boat on account of being on a ship; what I mean by that is that because I was in the Royal Navy I was never in the UK long enough to do a driving test although I did pass my test first time when I was about 29. By that time I had three little children and so had to buy a sensible vehicle which was a small caravette; money was very tight then so I figured with a caravette I could afford to take my family on camping holidays.

Many years later I had a serious illness and almost died; as a sort of coming home present my wife bought me a lovely classic convertible which I had for about three years. I changed back to a caravette when my first dog Bodie became poorly so we could take him on a few holidays before we sadly lost him. When I sold the car I always hoped that one day, maybe after I retired, I would have another old ‘drop top’ but since retiring my focus has been more on buying a house.

What I didn’t know was that my daughter and son-in-law had decided to treat me and bought me an old convertible which my son-in-law has been doing up and making road worthy for me. During the time I have been here I’ve seen the car blossom and it’s almost ready for the road. While I have to admit I can hardly wait for it to be finished and be given the keys something far more gratifying comes to mind and that is the thought and love for me my family have shown – and show on a daily basis. If I owned only the clothes I stood up in I’d still feel like the most blessed man on the planet.

I’m not really one to repeat compliments or gloat when given them; like most folks nice comments do light up my life although I’m quite shy about them in public. But when my daughter said to me ‘Dad everyone who meets you loves you’ I felt I wanted to share that. Thank you my child x



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