Five minutes is better than £5

Hi everyone.
I’ve just got back from Cardiff where (as regular readers know) I’d begun training for my Facilitators Licence and I’m quite tired with all of the information I’ve been bamboozled with (as you are with heavy courses). Actually although it was heavy it was still very enjoyable and the guys on the course were good fun.

Between the two days of training I was in my hotel room pondering the course and my career choice; I was particularly nervous because I had a presentation to do on the second day (which thankfully went well) so although my room was really nice I still had a broken sleep. It’s a funny old world when you can get up and sing to an audience of hundreds for a couple of hours but then get the wind up at the thought of standing in front of five people for fifteen minutes to talk about Child Play.

The reality is that this new era in my career is as a facilitator of Parenting Support programmes and when I assess my own skills as a parent I do sometimes wonder whether I can cut the mustard. But if I took anything at all away from the course it would be that any mistakes I feel I may have made as a parent are probably the strongest tools in my resource box in supporting people struggling in the role and I find that very heart warming.

During a particular period in my life I found myself in therapy for six years after which, to a certain degree, I felt disadvantaged in working with children and young people though not for any other reason than it left me unable to look them in the eye without seeing into their soul. As the years have rolled on, however, I’ve somehow managed to harness what I felt to be a haunting negative and worked hard to develop it into a skill I can use to improve the the lives of children and that gives me immense pleasure.

I chose this picture today because the child isn’t related to me (although the family are friends) and I really like how it illustrates the Childcare Practitioner’s mantra ‘Five minutes is better than £5’.

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