India Sketchbook

Just lately I’ve been so busy I haven’t even had the time to update my diary here on my website and the way things are I have another few busy weeks in front. My days are very long and with a couple of courses on the go too I’m finding myself really tired in the evenings. The other issue I have is that I only have a limited internet access at the moment until I move into my house (hopefully during November) and so I can’t really update the web pages yet (that I’ve temporarily taken down) but I will do that as soon as I can.

Meanwhile I’ll keep the home page rolling with little anecdotes or interesting things. Today I thought I’d show a few sketches from my Indian Sketchbook I did with a ball point pen of creatures I came across on my travels. I’m a massive animal lover and these little sketches will be the starting point for some oil paintings I want to do when I set up my studio. Hope you like them.

To my British readers I hope you enjoyed your extra hour in bed today when the clocks went back; I know I did. I guess the downside though will be that I’ll be driving home in the dark now.


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