At 11am we fell silent in gratitude…..

Sometimes it’s easy to become complacent, after all it’s been decades since the ‘world was at war’. But those decades for many of us have thankfully been peaceful; peaceful because of the ultimate sacrifice made by hundreds of thousands of service personnel from all sides of conflicts.

Today we live in a very uncertain world with wars going on all over the world, but not wars in the sense that the older generation might understand; not the conventional warfare where two sides fought with dignity over issues related to their sovereignty or the freedoms for their people.

When I think about the word ‘war’ I use it very loosely in describing the disgusting events of today particularly when they include things such as the public beheadings of innocent people on television or the kidnapping of hundreds of innocent school girls. I doubt if any decent thinking individual regardless of their faith or culture would agree acts such as these were acceptable either in war or peacetime; sickening acts of cowardice by small people wanting to look big is probably a closer definition.

A few days ago four people were arrested by British police for allegedly plotting to kill our Queen Elizabeth at the remembrance service by stabbing her. Our frail yet wonderful monarch of 88 years has been our Queen since 1952 and spent her life serving with dignity not only the British people but those of the British Commonwealth too; I’m very privileged to have served my Queen for ten years and met her on two occasions. The alleged suspects are evidently in their twenties and had they succeeded in carrying out this, the most disgusting of crimes I imagine their motives would probably have included being able to say to their peers ‘Respect me, I am far more disgusting than you’.

To our wonderful Majesty may your reign continue for many years to come. And to the hundreds of thousands of families who have lost loved ones in both the Great Wars, and in the conflicts around the world, may God bless you always and know that all decent people care xxx

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