Recharging my batteries….


Over the next two weeks I’m going to be really busy doing course work and attending two days of training in Cardiff. When I get back somewhere around the 27th November I’m hoping to finally move into my new house and so I’ve got it all on at the moment. I will try and keep uploading ‘something’ though just so my faithful will know I’m still alive and kicking.

With all that in mind (and because I’ve lately just felt drained and exhausted) I took Friday off to have an extended weekend of rest and I’ve done just that. Since starting my new job in September I haven’t had a day off and I guess I’m feeling the pace a bit. Lying in till 9am has been a real treat and then having good long welly walks in the fields with Mowgli have been wonderfully cathartic; sometimes life can feel non stop with work, driving, being with people all the time – you know the score.

Today I spent time on the coastal path at Porthgain and then sampled the local pubs lamb stew. It was a beautiful afternoon.

Some folks have asked me when I will be returning all of my web pages to the site (which I took down to edit). As soon as I can is the answer though probably after I’m settled in my house as I have very limited internet access and even less energy at the moment. Please bear with me x Meantime I hope you are all well and thank you for calling in x x Alan


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