Home from Cardiff…..

For the past few months I’ve been up to my neck in aggressive study and so been so busy and so tired that I’ve been unable to keep up with my website – for that I apologise to folks who call in.

My new job required me to be licensed to deliver parenting courses and in the private sector it’s a very rushed and intense procedure undergoing the various training. This week I had my second residential in Cardiff for two days during which most of the study was heavily leaning on theorists of child development and attachment and I have to say my brain feels fried. I still have a few assignments to finish before February and so the pressure is easing but delighted to say I’m now licensed.

Parenting professionals can choose their area of specialism from 0-4 year olds, 4-10 year olds, pre-teens/teenagers or working with Dads and after a lot of thought I’ve chosen to work with parents of pre-teens/teenagers. Since being in post I have already been running courses for parents but using an old synopsis; now I’ve been presented (which was quite nice) with my own fabulous bang-up-to-date Material and all the associated gubbins (power point presentation etc) I need for my new classes and so I’m really looking forward to January when I begin delivering courses in Tenby, Haverfordwest, Pembroke Dock, Hakin and Fishguard.

While I was in Cardiff I got the opportunity to catch up with my recently found long lost cousin David who lives there and it was great spending a few hours catching up in a local pub.


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